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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

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9:20 AM     You Want A New Job? Better Be Available On The Web!

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Here's an article that I ran across that you might find interesting. Here's one of the more interesting statistics: "89% of Hiring Managers and human resource professionals use the Internet to recruit new employees and research their [the potential employee's] prior endeavors."

So, if you want a new job, you'd sure better be on the Internet. And I *don't* mean the job boards.



More firms looking to Web for information

When seeking employment, your presence on the Internet is more
important than ever, a study shows.

More employers are looking to the Web for information on future
employees. What they find, or don't find, is having a greater effect
on who gets hired and who gets their resume put ''on file.''

Zoom Information, a Waltham company that operates the people search
engine ZoomInfo.com, recently released the results of a survey it
conducted among job seekers about their feelings on their personal
Internet presence.

According to the Society of Human Resource Management, 89 percent of
hiring managers and human resource professionals use the Internet to
recruit new employees and research their prior endeavors. For
workers, this means an increased concern about what is or isn't
written about them online. Many times, what is not out there bothers
workers more than what is.

About 70 percent of job seekers surveyed said they were concerned
that there wasn't enough information about them on the Web.

Russell Glass, vice president of products for ZoomInfo, said job
seekers should also be concerned with what type of information
appears about them throughout the Internet.

While personal online photo albums with party pictures and
politically-charged weblogs may be a good way to connect with
friends and family and establish a following, not all would be
something the average worker would want a potential employer to see.

Many companies are also starting to implement policies as to what
kinds of Web presence employees can maintain while employed.

Some companies have even gone as far as suspending or terminating
workers who post objectionable content to the Web.

Nathan Hurst can be reached at nhurst@globe.com.

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