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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

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5:19 PM     You Can BE Speed Racer

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good news in "I grew up in the 80's land". There now exists a game where you can actually BE Speed Racer.

Call the boss. Tell him that you're going to be tied up for the next few days and he shouldn't expect much from you. If he's the same age, tell him about the site. He'll understand completely.

Redo your Voice Mail message to something out of Speed Racer like, "ICan'tComeToThePhoneRightNow.PlayingSpeedRacer.LeaveMessage." Then, put on the "Do Not Disturb".

Set your "Away from the Office" message in Outlook and just list the URL of the game, below.

Now, you're ready.

Slide into the plush leather driver's seat of the Mach 5 and feel the purr of Pop's "baby" course through your body.

Experience "Yonk-Yonks" (everyone had their own name for this, but this is what my brother and I called the jumping ability of the Mach 5).

Getting run off of the road? Push "C" to get out those buzz saws on the front of the car so that you can chop through the trees instead of crash.

Collect candy to excite Spritle and Chim-Chim.

Bask in the original, "back-in-the-day"-style Japanese Anime look of everyone from Speed to Trixie to Racer X.

Does it get any better than this?

Oh, here's the link: Speed Racer Game

You're not even reading this far, so I won't bother with some fancy ending...


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