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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

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8:50 AM     Systems Administrator / DBA

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LOCATION: Downtown Houston, TX





EMPLOYER INFO: Reasoning Mind, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation specializing in the development of innovative Web-based educational systems for children in grades five and above. Our first system for teaching math in middle school was piloted with 50 Texas students in spring of 2003. The project was a great success and has paved the way for the development of a more comprehensive system that is currently being used by 1,000 students in Texas. By 2013 the Reasoning Mind system is expected to be deployed in over 1,000 schools, benefiting over 1 million school children nationwide. Detailed information about our company is available at www.reasoningmind.org.

JOB DESCRIPTION: This position is essential to the smooth operation of the Genie II educational system. Genie II is a multi-tier internet e-Learning application. Successful candidates will demonstrate technical expertise across a broad range of Linux and Oracle tools and applications, including Apache, Tomcat, Jboss, and WebLogic. Expertise in Cisco firewall hardware and software is also required. Duties include performance monitoring & tuning, assisting developers, load balancing, capacity planning, Contingency / Recovery and security.

While RM employees receive salaries, an individual who joins RM commits themselves to a life of service for the benefit of children. One child described learning in RM as “a game mixed with hard work.” Working for Reasoning Mind is the same: we work long hours for a modest salary, knowing that our efforts are giving thousands of children new knowledge and opportunities. A position at RM is not “just a job.” If you’re willing to work hard with the sole purpose of helping children, then you’ll fit in at RM – but not otherwise.

Specific Responsibilities:

With limited supervision, operates and manages the Reasoning Mind Houston and Moscow server installations (encompasses Production, Test, and Development environments).

• Responsible for optimal deployment of hardware systems, architecture and design review, server farm co-location options, setup of firewall security, load balancing and clustering (server services include: Web, Application, Socket and Database).
• Monitor system utilization and plan system growth to meet response time metrics; optimize Genie II performance; includes monitoring Oracle database activity and tuning. Plan for growth, specify, acquire, and install servers as required.
• Ensure Linux and Oracle secure operations while meeting response time performance goals.
• Develop and implement solutions to ensure system and data integrity and security; run backup programs and test Contingency / Data Recovery plans.
• Perform day to day tasks (account management, support, etc.) for all system users including both developers and client technical contacts; resolve connectivity, security and performance problems.
• Document system setup, procedures, and measurement benchmarks; create and administer data management plan.
• Assist with the development of alternative client configurations, PXE remote boot, etc.

• Advanced Unix/Linux system administration: Bash scripting, network configuration (xinetd), account management, cron, etc. Also JBoss, Apache server, Tomcat, WebLogic, Axis, CVS, SSH, and Java experience are a big plus; 5+ years direct experience.
• Server side software (Web, Application, Mail, DNS, etc.) installation, configuration and tuning including Cluster technology expertise; 3+ years direct experience.
• Oracle administration: tuning, security and backup management; 3+ years direct experience.
• Network security management (firewall, IP masquerading, hot patching, etc.); 3+ years direct experience.

Send your resume to Alex Khachatryan and call him at (281)579-1110. Let him know you saw it here!

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