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Friday, October 14, 2005

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8:12 AM     5 Seconds of your Time

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By the way, ladies and gentlemen, I have received a few e-mails asking how they can help out the with site. You see, I don't get one thin dime from any of the positions that I post here. I'm just doing this to help some folks out (both on the candidate side and the recruiter side).

That being said, there are couple of free ways that you can help out and it'll take all of 5 seconds of your time:

1) Click on a stinking Ad. - Before you leave the site, just click on an ad link. Just one, okay? How hard is that?

I'm not asking you to complete 8 offers to get a new computer in 16 months after submitting your 43 verification forms.

Just click on an ad link.

2) Do a GoogleBomb for me. - For those of you who don't know, part of how Google lists sites is based on searches that are entered. So, for instance, if you search Google for "failure", you'll get some GoogleBombed results.

The way people do this is to do a search for "failure michaelmoore.com" - eventually, when enough people do this, Google decides that the result is relevant. Think of this as peer pressure for search engines.

People who take advantage of this to the extreme are called GoogleBombers.

So, what you can do for me is shoot out to Google and do a search for:
houstonitjobs.blogspot.com "it jobs"

Or, if you're about as lazy as I am, just click this link Google houstonitjobs.blogspot.com it jobs search. Then, click on the entry whose URL is "http://houstonitjobs.blogspot.com" - currently the 3rd result you'll get.

Okay, so if you do both of those things, it might actually take 10 seconds of your time. If you run 2 steps today, that'll add another 10 seconds on to your life. And even *I* can run 2 steps.

Thank you for your help and support.


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  • ok - what's my prize?

    By Blogger Dennis D. McDonald, at 9:29 PM  

  • I did the two things you requested!The information given in your blog is very useful.Thank you.I am in India - and I am NOT looking for a job in the U.S.A - but the information you give is nevertheless useful.
    Thank You Again!!!

    By Anonymous akshaya, at 1:37 PM  

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    By Anonymous Todd, at 3:25 PM  

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