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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

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9:37 AM     .NET Software Engineer with Robotics

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LOCATION: Fort Lauderdale, FL




JOB DESCRIPTION: We are seeking one very bright Software Engineer who is fascinated by robotics and understands instrumentation. It would be great if you also understood moving and fluid controls! One of your jobs will be to writecode and programs for production. An acquaintance with microprocessorsand firmware would be extraordinary!

This is an application lead role in engineering, design anddevelopment. Requires very strong technical, interpersonal,communication and functional skills. You must be well disciplined andable to create well-structured code.

This individual will support current applications and be involved withany new developmental efforts. This person should demonstrate a high degree of willingness to learn not only the technical aspects of IT support but most specially fluid dynamics related to DNA, Peptide, and DNA applications.

This individual should be task-oriented, able to work in a process-controlled environment and be a self-starter.Knowledge of robotics and instrumentation.Responsibilities will include support and maintenance, as well asproject related tasks. Individual will work directly with Engineering and Development on daily support issues and the identification or recommendation of system requirements that provide value to thebusiness. Unit testing of code before submission to test and productionenvironments is required. Daily adherence to change management processis necessary.

* 5+ years in development and/or support of major application systems
* Excellent verbal and written communication skills
* Proficient in SQL 2000
* 3+ years experience in developing solutions using VB.NET or C++

* 3+ years with Visual Basic 6
* Proficiency with OOP.
* Ability to understand the customer request and suggest possiblesolutions
* Proficient at writing SQL queries, views and stored procedures
* Proven ability to translate business requests and requirements intotechnical specifications/solutions
* Strong interpersonal communications with ability to work with variouslevels of management.
* Able ro formulate a project or simultaneous projects from concept,design, proto, validation and up to the launch phase.
* Able to work cross-functionally from various engineering disciplines(i.e. chemistry, biology,chemical engineering, bio-engineering,electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and molecular biology.)
* Self-motivated team player with vision and initiative
* Knowledge in developing scalable solutions with VB.NET platform.
* Experience developing solutions using .NET, SQLand XML using client/server architecture.
* Basic knowleddge of statistical methods including least squares regression and t-testing.

* "Instrument Programming Experience" and "Control Systems Experience"(ideal)
* Experience working with real-time control would be highly desirable.

Send your resume to Sondra Fuller and then call her at (954)237-3141. Let her know you found it here!

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