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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

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2:20 PM     FEMA Blue Tarp Program Employment

Below is another opportunity to get involved in helping out with the Katrina clean-up and get paid at the same time.

Again, if you're out of work now, this is a great way to do something to help and make some money to tide you over at the same time.

Good luck!



We are looking for able bodied men who are in need of employment and who
would be willing to spend the next 12 weeks minimum in Louisianna working to
tarp damaged roofs. There is plenty of work to go around, so we have need of
several more men. The original cut off date was last Tuesday, but the demand
based on the extensive damage there has opened the door for others to work.

Information: Each crew will consist of a working crew foreman accompanied
by four crew members. FEMA will provide all materials other than those
requested in the attachment to this email. Each crew will be required to produce
coveage of 10,000 square feet of roof per day, which averages out to be
approximately two homes. Meeting this minimum requirement will earn each worker
$250 per day, and each foreman $300 per day. Obviously if the crew produces
more than the minimum, which every crew should if they are working, the income
improves as pay is based on production.

Every person is responsible for their own living expenses, and should note
that for the first couple of weeks hotel rooms will be scarce; so plans must
include living in camp style atmosphere until utilities are restored in
certain areas and hotels and food sources begin to go back into service. Persons
should bring food and water to care for them for that time period, and know
that through this 12 week project one should should budget for approximately
$300 a week in expenses, all of which are deductible items for tax purposes.

Any one who is seriouly interested in working in this project should make
every effort to assemble a crew of workers and then contact Jim Brown at New
Life Worship Center in Aubrey, TX at 940-365-9179 for more information, and
should be prepared to attend a meeting there in Aubrey on Sunday afternoon at

Every worker should have a valid picture ID and a copy of their Social
Security card. Workers must be legal to work in the U.S., with all appropriate
documentation in order. Further questions should be directed to Jim Brown at
the above number.

Thanks again for your assistance. Jim Brown

Blue Tarp Project
Required Items

Crew Members:
· Hard Hat (White)
· Long Pants
· T-shirts - NO tank type shirts (per FEMA)
· Hammer
· Nail bag
· Razor Knife (with refills)

· Hard Hat (Blue)
· Long Pants
· T-shirts - NO tank type shirts (per FEMA)
· Hammer
· Nail bag
· Razor Knife (with refills)
· Tape Measure (25' min)
· Staple gun (hammer type)
· Ladder to access roof
· Transportation

Suggested Items:
· Current tetanus vaccine
· Plenty of water

General Information:
· Each person is responsible for fuel, food, & lodging.
· At a minimum, the first two weeks will be tents and sleeping bags.

Pay Scale:
FEMA requires that each crew to produce a minimum of 100 squares of tarp per
day, which calculates to 10,000 square feet. This requirement is not hard
to reach. Each crew member will be paid $2.50 per square, totaling $250 per
day. Each foreman will be paid $3.00 per square, totaling $300 per day.
Daily production is only limited by daylight and the effort of each crew, with
the realization that each crew should exceed the minimum without difficulty and
thus increase income potential dramatically.

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  • My son signed up for one of these groups that responded out of Houston. In his orientation meeting he was told they would make a minimum of $240 per day, and that they would be paid a week after they arrived. On the fourth day, a rep from the contractor came into my son's "camp" and announced that no one would be receiving a check for 30 days. Many of these workers left homes and families behind to help with the cleanup effort and make decent money in the process. The blue roof tarp program makes the contractors rich and makes yet another mockery out of FEMA.

    By Blogger txmom2005, at 8:35 PM  

  • I can certainly understand the frustration here.

    But, just to set the record straight, this is a problem with the contractor and not FEMA.

    If I had to guess, the "contractor", who was just some guy who saw an opportunity, jumped in without considering the fact that he'd have to float a payroll while waiting for FEMA to pay on normal (usually 30 days) terms.

    In fact, I would guess that the problems aren't over. Since it takes 30 days for a normal company (and probably FEMA) to pay, usually the contract ends up a month behind.

    This is because if you work from Sept 1 - Oct 1 (for example), you submit an invoice which is paid November 1. However, that pay only covers Sept 1 - Oct 1, but since that time, you've now worked from Oct 1 - Nov 1, so you're still a month behind in pay.

    This is probably the biggest killer of consulting-related companies - failure to plan for (and have cash on hand for) 2 months of payroll before you start.



    By Blogger Dan, at 9:07 AM  

  • My husband was also a "victim" of the Blue Roof Project out of Houston. He was at a campground in Vidor, Texas with several hundred other men waiting to get put to work and it never happened. He left his family, his job, and we spent $1500 just to get him there (which we borrowed) because of all of the tools, equipment, supplies that were required. I won't go into the details of the living conditions at this campground, but let's just say that they were not good. How can anyone just decide to be a "contractor" without someone from FEMA checking them out first to make sure they are equipped to do this job? My husband said that when he finally decided to give up, there were guys there that had no way to get back home because they had run out of money. These are guys that had been there for up to 5 weeks waiting to go to work and/or waiting to be paid. Someone should be held accountable for this!

    By Anonymous MAD MO WIFE, at 1:18 PM  

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