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Friday, September 30, 2005

9:10 AM     Forgive the Rita Pause

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I hope that you can forgive the recent inactivity.

Between travel and Hurricane Rita, I've been a little preoccupied.

I will be adding a number of postings between now and when the weekend is over.

No, really!

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Friday, September 16, 2005

8:28 AM     SF Telecom Field Tech w/RELO

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LOCATION: San Francisco, CA




EMPLOYER INFO: In this time of reconstruction, Unified TelData is pleased to offer opportunities to those possibly impacted by recent events. We are looking for technicians, project managers, and system programmers with a “Can Do Attitude”, “Demonstrated ability to successfully perform multiple tasks”, and who will directly contribute to a “Successful Client Experience” to join our growing company as a Systems Engineer & Software Specialist.

Unified TelData (UTDI), an award-winning partner to the industry leaders AVAYA, Nortel, Cisco and Altigen. You should have demonstrated/verifiable telephone system installation and maintenance experience with our manufacturing partners, Altigen, Avaya, Cisco or Nortel. Retired manufacturer direct technicians are welcome to respond. Please do not reply without prior installation, Project Management, or System Programming experience.

JOB DESCRIPTION: Detail of Responsibilities:
• Installation of Altigen, Avaya, Cisco, or Nortel Telecommunication Systems.
• Perform MAC activities and complex program changes on manufacturing partners telephone and voicemail systems.
• Install, test and turn-up complex voice, data, voicemail, call center and unified messaging systems.
• Install or extend Telco circuits (T1, FR, ISDN, ATM, DSL, etc.) at customer sites.
• Excellent customer communication and interface.
• Work with Altigen, Avaya, Cisco and Nortel Technical Support personnel in troubleshooting complex problems.
• Administrative record keeping (service orders, time logs, DOA, RMA, etc.).
• Interface with Local Exchange Carrier technicians and support personnel to ensure 100% functional service of UTDI equipment/services.
• Attend certification training in house or off premises for certification in Altigen, Avaya, Cisco, and Nortel product/equipment.
• This is a field technician job requiring vehicle and a clean DMV record. Travel required and mileage reimbursement is offered.

JOB EXPERIENCE: Solid experience installing one of the following: Altigen, Avaya, Cisco, or Nortel telephone, voice mail and complex voice/data and unified messaging Systems. Prefer someone with experience installing either Avaya or Nortel products. Must have a minimum of 3 to 5 years voice and/or data communication technical experience in a customer environment. Proven ability to diagnose/troubleshoot on various technologies. Call Center capability and IVR experience a plus. Looking for someone who has demonstrated high customer service skills and believes in truly “satisfying the customer requirements!” Must be willing to be part of a 24-7 operation, want to become part of a growing team and have a strong team commitment, be reliable, demonstrate flexibility, and have an understanding of dispatch protocols.

* College Degree preferred. High School degree required. AA degree or Vocational Technical Training Certification will be considered based on experience.
• Minimum 3-5 years of voice/data technical experience required.
• Avaya , Altigen, Cisco, and Nortel Technical Training Certificate preferred, and Technical Training Certificate Required (will consider waiving this requirement based on number of years of Avaya installation experience).
• Excellent Customer Service and Communication skills required.
• Proficiency with computers to include Word and Excel required.

• Experience with High Cap (T1, ISDN PRI, 56K Frame Relay) preferred.

Send your resume to UTDI Human Resources. They have no "in-person" contact.

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8:17 AM     Network Security Professional

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EMPLOYER INFO: This high-profile client delivers industry-leading IP networking and security products that are designed to provide a secure and assured customer experience. The candidate will be reporting to the Manager of Professional Services, Americas, this is a highly technical role, providing post-sales on-site support of proprietary Network Security Products.

JOB DESCRIPTION: The candidate will be required to develop and maintain an expertise on the products deployed within the Customers network. The role will require travel up to 50% of the time. When not traveling, the candidate can work from their home office. Therefore, the resource can be located in any U.S. city near a major airport.

This is a highly technical role, providing post-sales on-site support of proprietary Network Security Products. The Consultant will be required to develop and maintain an expertise on the products deployed within the Customers network.

This position calls for the Consultant to:
• Have knowledge of VPNs, SSL-VPNs, ISP Systems, Firewalls, Security Management Systems
• Have responsibility for technical planning and installation of products and solutions for each account
• Develop and maintain strong relationships with the customer's technical team
• Architect and create detailed design requirements and specifications for large-scale enterprise deployments
• Assist in the development of proposals for potential customers including Statement of Work (SOW) and Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) information
• Supervise internal and external resources including engineering, consulting and product management to design and deliver a solution
• Have a deep understanding and hands-on experience in the security consulting field. Understand the concepts and guidelines behind traditional security systems design
• Provide internal and external guidance on key security issues
• Develop/maintain an in-depth technical knowledge of the entire Network Security product line
• Capable of developing secondary skills in other products in the product portfolio

* Must have experience with SSL
* Prior Consulting experience
* Strong understanding in the following security technologies and protocols: IPSEC, Firewall, 802.1Q, MD5, SSH, SSL, SHA1, L2TP, XAUTH, RSA-SecurID, SSL-VPNs, IDS/IDP, protocol anomalies, application vulnerabilities, viruses, worms, and trojans
* Familiarity with industry-standard routing and switching platforms, routing protocols, and operating systems will be very useful
* HTTP, HTTPS, HTML, JavaScript, RSA/ ACE Servers, Windows NT Domains, LDAP, NIS, Radius Servers, and web proxies
* U.S. Permanent Resident
* Experience working with network analysis tools and trace analysis of packets and protocols is required

* Multi-vendor firewall and load balance configuration experience
* TCP/IP in switching and routing, and DMZ environments
* Unix and NT administration skills a plus
* Email Proxy Knowledge - IMAP4, POP3, MAPI, SMTP and Lotus Notes

Send your resume to Bret Reckard and call him at (415)433-2648. Let him know you saw it here!

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8:12 AM     IT Specialist from CraigsList

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Here's a good spot for a 5 year person: Information Technology Specialist
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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

2:20 PM     FEMA Blue Tarp Program Employment

Below is another opportunity to get involved in helping out with the Katrina clean-up and get paid at the same time.

Again, if you're out of work now, this is a great way to do something to help and make some money to tide you over at the same time.

Good luck!



We are looking for able bodied men who are in need of employment and who
would be willing to spend the next 12 weeks minimum in Louisianna working to
tarp damaged roofs. There is plenty of work to go around, so we have need of
several more men. The original cut off date was last Tuesday, but the demand
based on the extensive damage there has opened the door for others to work.

Information: Each crew will consist of a working crew foreman accompanied
by four crew members. FEMA will provide all materials other than those
requested in the attachment to this email. Each crew will be required to produce
coveage of 10,000 square feet of roof per day, which averages out to be
approximately two homes. Meeting this minimum requirement will earn each worker
$250 per day, and each foreman $300 per day. Obviously if the crew produces
more than the minimum, which every crew should if they are working, the income
improves as pay is based on production.

Every person is responsible for their own living expenses, and should note
that for the first couple of weeks hotel rooms will be scarce; so plans must
include living in camp style atmosphere until utilities are restored in
certain areas and hotels and food sources begin to go back into service. Persons
should bring food and water to care for them for that time period, and know
that through this 12 week project one should should budget for approximately
$300 a week in expenses, all of which are deductible items for tax purposes.

Any one who is seriouly interested in working in this project should make
every effort to assemble a crew of workers and then contact Jim Brown at New
Life Worship Center in Aubrey, TX at 940-365-9179 for more information, and
should be prepared to attend a meeting there in Aubrey on Sunday afternoon at

Every worker should have a valid picture ID and a copy of their Social
Security card. Workers must be legal to work in the U.S., with all appropriate
documentation in order. Further questions should be directed to Jim Brown at
the above number.

Thanks again for your assistance. Jim Brown

Blue Tarp Project
Required Items

Crew Members:
· Hard Hat (White)
· Long Pants
· T-shirts - NO tank type shirts (per FEMA)
· Hammer
· Nail bag
· Razor Knife (with refills)

· Hard Hat (Blue)
· Long Pants
· T-shirts - NO tank type shirts (per FEMA)
· Hammer
· Nail bag
· Razor Knife (with refills)
· Tape Measure (25' min)
· Staple gun (hammer type)
· Ladder to access roof
· Transportation

Suggested Items:
· Current tetanus vaccine
· Plenty of water

General Information:
· Each person is responsible for fuel, food, & lodging.
· At a minimum, the first two weeks will be tents and sleeping bags.

Pay Scale:
FEMA requires that each crew to produce a minimum of 100 squares of tarp per
day, which calculates to 10,000 square feet. This requirement is not hard
to reach. Each crew member will be paid $2.50 per square, totaling $250 per
day. Each foreman will be paid $3.00 per square, totaling $300 per day.
Daily production is only limited by daylight and the effort of each crew, with
the realization that each crew should exceed the minimum without difficulty and
thus increase income potential dramatically.
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Thursday, September 08, 2005

1:00 PM     200 More Katrina Help Jobs

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I've been sent another job description for people to help with Katrina evacuees. There are 200+ jobs and they will be starting immediately.

I know that many of you are telling me that these aren't positions that fit your skills, by which you mean you are very overqualified. That is true, but these jobs are good length and they pay.

So, without further ado, here are the jobs:

"We need 200 people to assist the evacuees with filling out paperwork,must be computer literate and have good communication skills. Must have a clear criminal background and be able to pass a drug screening.

The hours are 7a-7pm, 7days straight for the next 30 days, $20.00hr. I calculated it to be about $2100 a week due to overtime. They MUST be able to commit everyday for the next 30 days. This project starts tomorrow so please let me know so I can get the paperwork for them to fill out.

Have them go to our website www.burnettstaffing.com to fill out an on-line application.

Unfortunately they cannot be anyone who is a evacuee...Thanks for all your help in advance!!!

Tonya Brown, On-Site Manager @ Benchmark Electronics
Burnett Staffing Specialist & PC Learning Center
Houston*Austin*El Paso*San Antonio
Tel:979-849-6550 ext.1318"
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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

1:55 PM     Get Paid to Help Katrina Evacuees

I just received this from somebody helping with the tracking of all things Katrina. These aren't really high paying jobs, but they're not bad if you're still looking!

So, if you've been out of work for awhile and have any IT skills at all, this may be a place for you to help people in need while making some money to help you.

Let's take a look at the plusses for these jobs:

* They'll pay housing, so you won't be blowing all of your money on that.

* You'll get a lot of hours (12 hours a day * 6 days a week = 72 hours a week)

* Reasonable pay, all things considered. ($19/hr).

* They provide transportation (busses start rolling tomorrow, Wednesday)

* While potentially mind-numbing, they're basically looking for data entry. So, if you're looking here for jobs, you're qualified.

* They're hiring 400 people, so the odds are pretty good.

I honestly don't know if they're paying overtime, but since this *is* the Federal Government, and Federal Government rules say that you have to pay time-and-a-half over 40 hours if the position pays less than $27/hr, you'd think so.

However, being the Federal Government, they are often exempt from their own rules. Ask when you call.

In any case, the woman coordinating this is Mary Valerian. Click on her name to send an e-mail including your resume and a brief description of your skills.

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9:37 AM     .NET Software Engineer with Robotics

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
LOCATION: Fort Lauderdale, FL




JOB DESCRIPTION: We are seeking one very bright Software Engineer who is fascinated by robotics and understands instrumentation. It would be great if you also understood moving and fluid controls! One of your jobs will be to writecode and programs for production. An acquaintance with microprocessorsand firmware would be extraordinary!

This is an application lead role in engineering, design anddevelopment. Requires very strong technical, interpersonal,communication and functional skills. You must be well disciplined andable to create well-structured code.

This individual will support current applications and be involved withany new developmental efforts. This person should demonstrate a high degree of willingness to learn not only the technical aspects of IT support but most specially fluid dynamics related to DNA, Peptide, and DNA applications.

This individual should be task-oriented, able to work in a process-controlled environment and be a self-starter.Knowledge of robotics and instrumentation.Responsibilities will include support and maintenance, as well asproject related tasks. Individual will work directly with Engineering and Development on daily support issues and the identification or recommendation of system requirements that provide value to thebusiness. Unit testing of code before submission to test and productionenvironments is required. Daily adherence to change management processis necessary.

* 5+ years in development and/or support of major application systems
* Excellent verbal and written communication skills
* Proficient in SQL 2000
* 3+ years experience in developing solutions using VB.NET or C++

* 3+ years with Visual Basic 6
* Proficiency with OOP.
* Ability to understand the customer request and suggest possiblesolutions
* Proficient at writing SQL queries, views and stored procedures
* Proven ability to translate business requests and requirements intotechnical specifications/solutions
* Strong interpersonal communications with ability to work with variouslevels of management.
* Able ro formulate a project or simultaneous projects from concept,design, proto, validation and up to the launch phase.
* Able to work cross-functionally from various engineering disciplines(i.e. chemistry, biology,chemical engineering, bio-engineering,electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and molecular biology.)
* Self-motivated team player with vision and initiative
* Knowledge in developing scalable solutions with VB.NET platform.
* Experience developing solutions using .NET, SQLand XML using client/server architecture.
* Basic knowleddge of statistical methods including least squares regression and t-testing.

* "Instrument Programming Experience" and "Control Systems Experience"(ideal)
* Experience working with real-time control would be highly desirable.

Send your resume to Sondra Fuller and then call her at (954)237-3141. Let her know you found it here!

(reference / job number: N/A)

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9:08 AM     Legal Document Imaging Salesperson

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
LOCATION: Downtown Houston, TX




EMPLOYER INFO: Small document imaging company in downtown Houston, TX, that primarily serves the legal industry.

JOB DESCRIPTION: They produce document imaging services primarily for the legal industry. It is a small start-up company that has been in business for about 3 years. The salary is base plus commission.

* Prefer 2-3 years sales experience--but transferable experience will be considered.
* Looking for individuals who enjoy cold calling or have a preference for it from some other kind of industry.
* Demonstrated, quantifiable success in prior positions.
* Must be predisposed to a high activity, high energy environment.
* Excellent phone and face-to-face selling skills

* Experience in service sales is a plus

Send your resume to Lynn Plum and then give her a call at (281)467-5724. Let her know that you saw it here!

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8:57 AM     Long Term Cisco Guru Contract

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -



POSITION TYPE: 17 Month Contract

APPROXIMATE PAY RATE: Submit your best rate.

JOB DESCRIPTION: Advanced knowledge of Cisco routers and Cisco IOS 12.1+. Working experience with network monitoring and troubleshooting of networks from layer one (Frame, Point to Point, ATM), to layer three (routing with above listed routing protocols). Experience with tasks involved with network monitoring, alarm notification and acknowledgement. Strong understanding of BGP, OSPF, and EIGRP routing protocols and route redistribution.

Strong customer service skills and being able to multitask between troubleshooting network outages and performance while interfacing with customers with event notification and communication of status of network events. Experience working in a Network Operation Center a strong plus. Possesses strong documentation skills to accurately track and network issues, symptoms, and resolutions. Experience in handling and resolution of large scale technical escalations and issues. Scheduling flexibility a plus

* Intermediate skill (3-5 yrs) with BGP/OSPF/EIGRP
* Intermediate skill (3 yrs) with VOIP and QOS
* Low level skill (1-3 yrs) with NVPN/MPLS
* Low level skill (1-3 yrs) with Cisco IOS based VPN and Firewall
* Intermediate skill (3-5 yrs) with Network Monitoring and Performance Tools
* Low level skill (1-3 yrs) with DNS
* Low level skill (1-3 yrs) with ATM/Frame Relay


Send your resume to Guy New and then call him at (972)345-6424. Let him know you saw it here!

(reference / job number:E12882)

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8:38 AM     Sr. Network / Systems Engineer

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -




EMPLOYER INFO: The employer is a well-known evangelical Christian ministry and, as such, would prefer committed Christians who also posess the following skills.

JOB DESCRIPTION: Analyzes and defines network and systems requirements, procedures, and problems to automate processes or improve existing computer systems and other IS-Infrastructure. Is responsible for managing and enhancing the Windows Server Platform and all associated services, as well as the internetworking infrastructure. Will develop comprehensive technology solutions to business problems across a broad range of technical functions. Ensures the functioning and availability of mission critical systems.

* Formulates, develops, and implements integrated network and systems architectures for the ministry's computer systems.

* Develops standards for computer and network systems, to include switching, routing, wireless networking, network OS (file, print, administration, user policies, backups).

* Prepares workflow diagrams to specify, in detail, how technology and systems function to provide services required.

* Develops project plans specifying goals, strategy, staffing, scheduling, identification of risks, contingency plans, and required resources.

* Formulates and defines technical scope and objectives of project.

* Identifies and schedules project deliverables, milestones, and required tasks.

* Develops and maintains technical and project documentation.

* Directs and coordinates activities of project personnel to ensure project progresses on schedule and within budget.

* Provides planning, leadership, direction, and advanced technical expertise regarding computer and network services for both local and wide area networks, and the worldwide internet; serves as high-level technical expert in regards to Microsoft Windows Server platform, Cisco internetworking hardware or associated technologies.

* Negotiates exact technical requirements with vendors; contributes to the establishment of contracts, and reviews or recommends technical contract specifications and proposals.

* Designs, develops, and delivers training classes and workshops in areas of computer and network systems as needed by internal staff.

* Installs, configures, and maintains computer and network operating systems, application software, network hardware, and data wiring as appropriate; provides senior level on-call support for computer/network systems as required.

* Evaluates local area network hardware and software requirements and capabilities and makes recommendations. Monitors, maintains and reports on network stability.

* Maintains an advanced and broad knowledge of current and emerging state-of-the-art computer/network systems technologies, architectures, developments, trends and products.

* Provides strong interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to work effectively with a wide range of constituencies within the Ministry. Delivers strong written and verbal communication to both technical and non-technical personnel, in providing sound information for decision making.

* Develops, maintains, and tests disaster recovery plans.

* 4+ years experience with the Windows Network Operating System (NT 4.0, 2000, 2003) both hardware and advanced administration.
* Extensive background in Windows 2000/2003, Active Directory and Exchange 2000/2003 with experience in the design, deployment and migration in complex production environments.
* Thorough understanding of ADS hierarchy, replication, integration of DNS and associated troubleshooting.
* Extensive experience with server hardware as well as performing Windows 2000/ 2003 server builds.
* Experience managing Microsoft Exchange 5.5/2003 in 250+ user environment
* Extensive knowledge and experience with SMTP, LDAP and IMAP.
* Certified MCSE, CCNA

* Experience with Cisco internetworking products and developing high availability infrastructures to support transaction oriented mission critical applications preferred.
* Certified MCDBA (preferred)
* Microsoft SQL administration, UNIX administration skills, Network Management and monitoring experience a plus.

Send your resume to Buz Mayo and then give him a call at (404)252-9319. Let him know that you saw it here!

(reference / job number: N/A)

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8:16 AM     SQL Server DBA

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EMPLOYER INFO: The employer is a well-known evangelical Christian ministry and, as such, is looking for committed Christians who also posess the following skills.

JOB DESCRIPTION: The ministry is searching for a Database Administrator to design and coordinate physical changes to production and test databases. This includes coding, testing, and implementing physical database changes by performing the following duties:
* Architect, design and implement complex logical and physical data schemas primarily using Microsoft SQL Server 2000, but will also use Oracle on Sun, to support specific commands and functions.
* Installs new software releases, system upgrades, evaluates and installs patches.
* Resolves database and application software related problems.
* Creates and enforces database standards.
* Selects and uses utility programs to monitor and report on database performance.
* Monitors capacity and performance.
* Responsible for maintaining backups and security policies for all data stores.
* Ensures disaster recovery and business continuity for all database related infrastructure components.
* Administers, maintains, develops and implements policies and procedures for ensuring the security and integrity of the ministry's databases.

* Must have an in-depth understanding of relational data modeling principles and techniques to quickly gain understanding of complex databases.
* Familiarity with all functionality of Microsoft SQL 2000 Enterprise Manager and Microsoft SQL Query Analyzer as well as managing Microsoft SQL objects from within Microsoft Visual Studio.
* Expertise with T-SQL usage and syntax to build high-quality Stored Procedures, Triggers, Views, Indexes, UDFs and UDTs on schedule.
* Understanding of T-SQL best-practices to ensure data integrity and fastest data acquisition such as the appropriate usage of temp tables, variables and set- vs. cursor-based operations.
* Experience in methods and tools used to extract, transform and load data.
* Bachelor's degree (B. A.) from four-year college or university and 4+ years related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience.

* Familiarity and experience with .NET development preferred.
* Experience with PeopleSoft People tools preferred.
* Experience with transaction oriented web applications using SQL back end databases within an e-commerce architecture a plus.
* Experience with Oracle on the Sun Platform preferred.
* MCSE and Oracle certification preferred.

Send your resume to Buz Mayo and then give him a call at (404)252-9319. Let him know that you saw it here!

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