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Thursday, August 25, 2005

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5:31 AM     Well Priced Self-Study Program for Lots of Certifications


I got an offer via e-mail recently that I thought might interest some of you looking to get your certifications on the cheap (meaning, pay for them yourself).

Listen; I've talked to a bunch of you who were too busy to get your cert. As I've said before, it's rarely a requirement, but always a plus to have it. So go get it. No, I'm not being paid anything if you sign up. But, now that you mention it, I should be!

Keep in mind that this is self-study information and, if you're not good at reading the tech books you have now, this will probably be money down a hole for you. If, however, you're pretty good about learning new technologies at home, this may be a great (and cheap!) way for you to get those certs you've been putting off.

The offers below expire September 1st - just in case you needed a little more of a push...

What you get, apparently, is a study guide (on CD) related to each course that you would normally take in the classroom. Then, they also include a "practice test" CD so that you get used to the types of questions you're going to run into on the tests.

Please note that I haven't used this brand of training material (any comments on it are more than welcome!), but my experience has been self-study material is, more or less, self-study material. Some is less dry than others, but that's like saying one spot in the desert is less dry than another: it's all pretty dry.

You can get the full MCSE (2003) pack for $89 OR the full CCNA/CCDA/CCNP/CCDP pack for $89.

And, if you get both, you get A+/NET+/MCP training for free. Why you need any of these when you're going for your MCSE and CCNP is beyond me, but that's the deal.

Other training also available:

MCSA/MCSE Training for $119
Exchange Server Training for $49
(Cisco) CCIP Training for $89
Cisco VoIP (UCSE, CIPT, CVOICE, QOS, IPTT) Training for $89
Oracle 8/9 (OCP) Training for $89
Cisco CVOICE Training for $49
ITIL Delivery & Service Support Training (several internations, large companies are ITIL compliant and this would be a leg up there) for $49
SUN Solaris (Solaris Certified) Training for $79
Linux+ Training for $79
Unix Training (No cert, but good knowledge of different flavors of Unix) for $79
Six Sigma Training (preparation for Six Sigma work, but no test prep for green belt / black belt) for $89
Java Programming Training (and prep for the Java Professional test) for $79

Now there's no excuse for not being certified!


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