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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

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5:55 AM     How / What To Post + "Team Member" FAQ

For those of you that don't know, anyone that is a "team member" can post to this Blog. I know that presents a lot of questions, but let me try to answer the basics:

1) What is a "team member"? Basically, anyone that has received an invitation is a "Team Member". If you haven't received an invitation, AND you've been employed in a technical / management IT position within the last year or so, just shoot me an e-mail at danielrsweet@gmail.com and I'll get you an invite.

2) What should we post? This is an excellent question. I'm glad you asked. While this Blog started as a way for me to publish my own positions when I was doing Headhunting, it has expanded periodically to be more than that. I have started to scrounge positions from other sources and post 'em here so that you folks will know where to find an IT job.

However, you can also help out your Houston IT Brethren by posting information for jobs that you know about and aren't quite the right thing for you (doesn't pay enough, not the right skillset, you don't like the company, etc.) Think of this as a big Houston-based job exchange.

Also, any of you that are a member of any of the "Between Jobs Ministries" or similar support groups can post whatever jobs they've got posted / available.

3) How do we post? This is the easy part. Just go to Blogger.com and sign in (if you're not automatically signed in). You'll see a listing of this and any other Blogs you're a "team member" on. Just click the "New Post" button and you're on your way.

When you post, you'll see the basic template that I use for the jobs that I find. Whenever possible, please keep the information in this format, just for the ease of use / viewing.

If you only have limited information, just put in the part that you know. For instance, if you put, "I hear that there's a job at JP Morgan Chase for a Unix Admin for SUN equipment. Does anyone know anything about that?", that'd be fine. Then your colleages here can post comments with additional information.

4) Will you edit / change / delete our posts? As far as editing and changing them, possibly. If I think a little clarification is needed or some editing to make sense of things, yes I will.

As far as deleting goes, I will delete anything SPAMmy, offensive (and I'm pretty hard to offend), patently commercial, or criminal.

That's about it! I just wanted to make sure that you guys / gals knew that this was a community effort that you're welcome and encouraged to participate in.

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